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Open-minded conversations with people from all walks of life.

If Joe Rogan’s show is too bro-ey for you & Sam Harris’ is too academic, this may be the show for you. I try to find the perfect balance between entertaining and educational. The show’s goal is to be filled with content that is timeless, impactful, actionable, educational, and enjoyable.

Overall, it’s great conversations with even better people.

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54: Who Are You? // Tyler Dones

Tyler Pic.jpg

Tyler C. Dones is a fellow podcaster and host of Being This Person. We spoke about all the things that make people similar and different from each other. The focus of his show is finding the similarity that unites us all, and I did not expect it, and still on the fence if I agree!

After our conversation I recorded an episode for his show which you can listen to on his website and all podcast apps by searching Being This Person:

Surveymonkey if you’ve got 2-3 minutes for feedback:

Past Episodes

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52: What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur? // Mike Truong

51: All About Aesthetics and Beauty // Emily McGann

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36: Yonathan Víquez // Panama & Studying Abroad

35: 徐青洋 // Hong Kong & China

34: Elias Appenzeller // Casual Conversation

33: Joel Iboa // Oregon & Immigration

32: Arisa Larmay // Nonprofits, Healthcare, and Cans

33: Joel Iboa // Oregon & Immigration

32: Arisa Larmay // Nonprofits, Healthcare, and Cans

31: Weston Zaludek // Brewing Up Faith

30: Jason J Dorsette // Power

29: Nelson Sigrah // Light-Hearted Philosophy

28: Chris Petersen // Archiving History

27: Garsharan Kaur // Creative Work

26: Mohamed AlSaif // Creative Work

25: Isabel Hanberg // Faith & Christianity

24: Joe Maruschak // Money & Purpose

23: Emily Heller // Health, Memory, and Passing Away

22: Karla Mercado // Working Toward A Better Tomorrow

21: Cole Haenggi // Theater, Acting, and Emotions

20: Tyee Williams // Communal Living, Socialism, and Climate Change

19: Steve Czyz // Casual Conversation

18: Alan Strickland // Casual Conversation

17: Dr. Nick Allen // Digital Mental Health

16: Nate Shapiro // Spectrums – Autism, Sexuality, and Crossdressing

15: Thomas Hiura // Debating Core Values




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