What a day. Woke up a 1, went to classes like normal, spoke with one of my bosses for an hour, and had plans to film at 6. I ordered pizza, had a lighting kit on hold and got some money to pay for peoples gas to show up. So we didn’t get started till 7, and as soon as we really get in the groove of it (7:15) the building manager asks us to leave. We shot in an unused locker room of Langton at OSU. So we head to a different building since people drove up here from Eugene and he follows us over and won’t let us shoot in there either. So kind of a letdown, but everyone had a great attitude. Still feels like I’m responsible for wasting some peoples time, but we’ll get it worked out and make a great film.

It’s been a while since my last blog post, I finished writing my second longer short film script. also in my home stretch of college!

Let’s get it


Took some portraits of Ken O. yesterday and will edit them soon. Filming a quick short with two people tomorrow then taking engagement photos this weekend of Blake & Hailey. Should be DOPE



Re-edited and published my book today. Only got 2 hours of sleep last night which was pretty rough, but I read that a recent study showed you actually can catch up on sleep. Probably should have actually read the research study rather than just the title.

Sleepy love, hope everyone has a wonderful week


Holy cow making a website is confusing! It’s been taking up most my time this week, but I think it’s mostly set up now. 

I’m getting into photography and short films if you want to take some email me.

I’m only halfway done with my second feature screenplay but I’m too lazy to finish it right now. I’m sure I’ll get it done eventually, but right now I’m focusing on shorts and playing around with my new camera. 

Lots of love.

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