The Thief of Joy (And Productivity)

By Tyger Gruber


We’ve all been there, roped into drinking a cup or two on an empty stomach and feeling all shaky.

I hate that feel. It’s like all the worst parts of amphetamines with none of the benefits.

I swear that all the legal drugs are the worst ones. Caffeine makes me shaky and my thoughts race. Alcohol makes me feel great for 30 min, then like crap for hours. Nicotine is aight, but too addictive & it’s hard to get it in a way that doesn’t jeopardize your health.

But to focus on caffeine for a minute, it seriously fuckin sucks. I don’t know why I keep getting drawn back into giving it another shot, but I do.

This morning I was at a social event and drank like 3 small cups of coffee..and with no tolerance it hit me in all the worst ways, when I got in my car to leave it felt like I was just too light and weak, like I hadn’t eaten all day (which I hadn’t at that time – but it was only 10am)

Anyways, I get home and go to work but my mind is racing tooo fast to get anything done.

Coffee, you sneaky mistress, please stop tempting me with hopes of a hyped-up productive day, cause frankly I can’t turn you down.



P.S. See you tomorrow

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