Good is bad & bad is good


Ying Yang has become trite because of its broad range of applications, so this is one aspect expanded in a way that can be used to see the world. 



Good is bad – The great example of this is The Green Revolution which occured in the late 60’s. This was an agricultural revolution that allowed for increased crop production, especially in the developing world. 

Good intentions: Develop something that allows for more food to be created to help countries better feed their population

Action: Population skyrockets

Bad outcome: now there are more people starving, because the core problem isn’t solved, just amplified.


Bad is good – To keep this timeless, I won’t use names; but the current administration in the US recently passed some bills that screw over veterans.

Bad intentions: Remove medical benefits from veterans, tax benefits from gold star families, etc

Action: Young people stop seeing the military as a noble and desirable career

Good outcome: Less people join the military, so the MIC loses funding and troops, forcing it to shrink and become less powerful.

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