Macie’s Parade, Cooper Fitch, and PDX Film


For me, there are two directions that any film can go that make them worth watching.

They could go the plot-heavy route, like Dr. Strangelove, Inglorious Bastards, or Inception. This happens to be my favorite type of film and heavily influences my own writing.

The second route a movie could go is something that evokes emotions, typically through character development. Some tremendous films in this category would be The Darjeeling Limited, Pulp Fiction, and Drive. While I personally don’t tend to write in this form, I always love a good story that gets you to empathize and feel for a character.

Not a movie, but Netflix’s Narcos is a great example of this, where you’re coerced into rooting for Pablo Escobar, even after he bombs planes and assassinates politicians.

While not as extreme, Macie’s Parade, written and directed by Cooper Fitch is a great example of this form of cinema.

Without giving too much away, you follow a family drama surrounding a holiday get together. Where the film really shines is the inability to passively watch without emotional investment into the characters.

A story like this can only be captured by incredible actors, which this film luckily pulled off with a stellar cast.

There are times that are chaotic and times that are somber in the film, and both are full-fledged in their ability to draw in and capitalize on your investment to the characters.

I was lucky enough to sit down and speak with Cooper before this film premieres, and we got to dive into his work on episode 46 of Talks with Tyger.

I’m immensely impressed with his craft so far, and eagerly looking forward to where it is in five or ten years once he has a feature film under his belt.

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