Show Notes


30: Jason J Dorsette // Power


I’m joined by Jason J Dorsette to discuss the idea of white privilege and power. 

I really enjoyed this talk because it’s always interesting to hear from the perspective of others that have lived through radically different situations.  

It took a while for us to see a middle ground, and I still believe the conversation needs to be continued to really dig into possible solutions, but this is a great start.

It was a bummer he had to run at an hour, next time we speak I’ll ask if he can book 2-3 hours so we don’t get cut short. 

A wonderful conversation with a wonderful person whom I respect greatly.

29: Nelson Sigrah // Light Hearted Philosophy


Joined by Nelson, my academic advisor at OSU!

We got to know each other because I’d stop by his office, even when I didn’t need any academic advising just to hear his perspective on life events. 

These sorts of talks are some of my favorites to have, just philosophical nonsense that has a couple nuggets of wisdom hidden in there.

I’ll have him back on in a few months and we’ll dive deeper into the topics we got to in this talk. I always love speaking with him & can’t wait to continue the conversation.

28: Chris Petersen // Archiving History


Chris was at one-time my boss for a project at the OSU Valley Library. For the project, he had me interview a good portion of the staff, asking about their ambitions and pasts. It was completely outside my wheelhouse, but by the end I loved it.

Following that, I thought I’d continue the work, but changed the format to impromptu conversations as opposed to pre-planned questions. 

So in a large way, Chris Petersen played a crucial role in the creation of this show! He was a great supervisor and I’m always looking forward to the next time I see him.

27: Garsharan Kaur // Creative Work

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 10.55.22 PM.png

I reached out to Gursharan from the recommendation of Lorenzo Lowe III, a friend that acted in my first short film! I looked into Gursharan’s work and found that she was starting up a creative collective.

I had no clue what that was, so I invited her on the show and am amazed at what she’s got in store. 

She’s working to connect fellow creatives in a way that empowers them to elevate their craft to the next level. Her collective (STING) was the centerpiece of the conversation, though I learned about some incredible parts of her personal life along the way. 

Overall a wonderful conversation with a wonderful person whom I look forward to working within some facet in the future.

26: Mohamed AlSaif // Creative Work

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 12.03.19 AM.png

Mohamed is the cofounder of STING, and he joined Gursharan on her trip from Corvallis to come on the show. 

He’s an incredible photographer that is industrious in nature, working his own photography blog along with cofounding two startups. 

I’m looking forward to seeing where his work takes him as his talents and opportunities progress. 

We also had a great conversation about where he’s at in life, where he’s hoping to get, and how he plans to get there. 

I always love hearing about the life experience of others and how they plan to achieve their goals. Mohamed’s words were inspiring and I can’t wait to speak with him again!

25: Isabel Hanberg // Faith & Christianity

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 11.51.23 PM.png

I’ve always been curious about faith & beliefs. I’ve got some incredible friends that are devout Christians, but one moved away for missionary work, and the other lives out of state.

I met Isabel in a playwriting class and recalled her uplifting energy and wanted to ask about the best parts of Christianity. 

I think faith is a super important part of leading a meaningful and fulfilling life, and I’m going to speak with someone from every major religion to hear their perspective on the best aspects of the faith and what it brings to the life of the believer. 

I had a wonderful time talking and I always appreciate speaking with people that are full of good energy. 

24: Joe Maruschak // Money & PurposeBSX1D8Cd.png

I reached out to Joe after reading some articles he wrote about his current place in life. I read he was searching for his Ikigai & thought it’d make for an interesting conversation to speak with someone on the other side of what I’m working on.

It made for a great talk and I enjoyed his perspective on things I hadn’t thought twice about. 

I’m excited to speak with him again and delving deeper into whichever endeavor he ends up choosing to spend his time on. He’s quick yet thoughtful, with a wealth of experience to share, and I’m looking forward to learning more.

25: Emily Heller // Health, Memory, and Passing Away



22: Karla Mercado // Working Toward A Better Tomorrow

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 12.28.52 AM

I’ve known Karla since elementary school! It’s always a trip to connect with people you’ve known for a long time, but she was wonderfully kind and I’m glad I reached out.

We spoke about what she’s up to in life and the problems with the current system. I love talking about how things are, how they could be, and how we could get there, and Karla had some cool perspectives on it.

I really liked that things didn’t get too political, even though the topics at hand were very hot social issues. I appreciate when things remain equanimous in the face of heated topics.

21: Cole Haenggi // Theater, Acting, and Emotions


(I’m still working on the backlog, hoping to have them updated all the way back to episode 1 by the end of October)





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