Thomas Hiura – Mayor of Eugene

Thoughts on his Hiura 2020

by Tyger Gruber


I’ve had Thomas on my show 3 times now to talk about and debate our core values. The reason I’ve had him as my most reoccurring guest so far is that he is hands down one of the most genuine humans I’ve met.

One of his best qualities is that he doesn’t get ego-attached to ideas. We can disagree on core aspects and beliefs while remaining friendly, and that’s hard to come across.

While we don’t see eye to eye on most topics including politics, religion, social justice, gender, goals in life, etc. But what we do agree on is that we both want to contribute to the betterment of society. And he is so genuine in his pursuit that I find it motivating and I like to help his campaign.

At the end of the day I believe Thomas would make a great Mayor of Eugene, and he’s not going to get there without support from the community.

I think it’s time for younger people to start commandeering the political sphere and I got mad respect that he’s one of the first to do it locally. Eugene has a big road ahead of it if it’s going to reach it’s potential, and I think a core aspect of that would be to have someone as motivated as Thomas in the Mayoral role during that time.

Talk about his campaign, share his stuff, and most importantly, vote for him on May 18th 2020!

Follow & support his campaign at

Listen to his episode at

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